21.8 Km²


669,512 (includes Kingston and St. Andrew)

Name Origin

Like Kingstown, capital of St. Vincent, Kingston was named for the King of England.

The parish of Kingston lies around the Harbour of the same name.  It stretches from Port Royal, at the end of the Palisadoes Peninsula, through Downtown to the Port of Kingston in the West. The City of Kingston, which has since overflowed into St. Andrew, replaced Spanish Town as the capital of Jamaica in 1872.  

Despite its size, Kingston Proper is home to many places of cultural, historic, and economic importance. Port Royal, with its rich history of buccaneers and pirates, was epically destroyed by the earthquake of 1692. Though a small vibrant community remains there, much of that former city lies submerged in Kingston Harbour. On the other side of the harbour, Downtown Kingston is home to many of the island’s financial institutions and regulators, including the Bank of Jamaica and the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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