450 Km²



Name Origin

Created in 1723, named for the House of Hanover, the British Royal Family at the time

With the exeception of Kingston, Hanover is Jamaica’s smallest parish. Its low elevation and accommodating landscape, however, have made Hanover an ideal location for agriculture. The parish produces sugarcane, pimento, and yam, and cattle, goats, and pigs are all reared on its land.

There are a number of small rivers in Hanover, of which two flow into the parish capital Lucea. Shaped like a horseshoe, Lucea Harbour has long been considered one of the safest on the island. In the 18th century, the coves on the Hanover coast were a favourite haunt of pirates and buccaneers. Henry Morgan, the notorious pirate and later Lieutenant Governor of the island, sheltered in Lucea Harbour and later acquired 4,000 acres of property in the area.

Today, tourism flourishes along the 7 Mile Beach of Negril, the most westerly Jamaican town, shared by the parishes of Hanover and Westmoreland.  

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