September 5: “Resume Normal Duties Or Lose Their Jobs”

1947:  His Worship the Mayor of the Corporate Area, Alderman G.C. Gunter, and Mrs Gunter were host and hostess at a delightful function at the well-appointed Bournemouth Club and Gardens by the sea in honour of Arthur Creech Jones, secretary of state for the colonies, and Mrs Creech Jones.

 1950:  After a short debate started by Mr Wills O. Isaacs, the House of Representatives appointed Mr T.N. Golding as chairman of the House Committee on Education.

 1952:  Thirty carpenters and three masons will leave the island by chartered flight for the Turks and Caicos Islands on a three-month work contract with the McDonald Construction Company now engaged on the guided-missiles project in the dependency. The men were recruited by the Labour Department at the request of Mr Roy Gail of the construction company and will be paid at the rate current in the Turks and Caicos Islands, plus a subsistence rate and will get accommodation in workers’ barracks there.

 1952 :  The ban on the importation into Jamaica of meat and meat products originating in Canadian provinces west of Ontario, which was imposed here because of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in that area, has been lifted.

1957: The BWIA will operate as an extra service to satisfy the increased demand for space of passenger’s mail and cargo between Jamaica and the dependency, and to widen the scope of the economic development of the Cayman Islands.

1980: Some 581 workers at the Bank of Jamaica stopped working after realising that wage negotiations between the Bank of Jamaica and the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union reached a deadlock after more than eight weeks.

1983: Ground and maintenance staff of Air Jamaica, who have been staging sick-outs by turns to press their claims for more pay, have been given an ultimatum by the airline’s board of directors to resume normal duties or lose their jobs.

2006: More than 400 lecturers at the University of Technology go on strike, triggering a suspension of classes in every faculty at the institution as they press the Government to respond to their demands for retroactive pay. The strike action shut down the St Andrew institution on only the second day of the new school year and threatened to cause major disruptions in the university’s academic schedule. They are expected to resume work tomorrow after Finance Minister Dr Omar Davies agrees to meet with them.

2009: Fears of Influenza A (H1N1) (formerly swine flu) swirl through the air at the University of the West Indies, Mona, after three students were confirmed to have been infected with the virus. Campus officials report that the affected students and others with flu-like symptoms have been isolated.