September 23: “Latest Step In The Twists And Turns That Have Characterised The Saga “

1940: With a view to aiding Jamaica’s Bombing Plane Fund, the San River Gun Club and the Jamaica Angling Association will collaborate in holding a most successful and enjoyable picnic at Salt River. The picnic will be very largely attended by prominent sportsmen in Kingston and the nearby parishes, together with a number of ladies and friends.

1945: The Kingston Public Hospital which, at its present location on North Street, has served countless generations, will probably be soon scrapped, or, at best, given over for other government services. A gigantic plan to build a new extensive and comprehensive hospital, capable of serving the Corporate Area with its present increased population, is to be constructed at some centrally located point.

1961: A major article venture gets under way with the blessing of the Jamaican Government as the Jamaica School of Music opens for its first term in the reconditioned buildings at 89 Hope Road, which is rented for the purpose.

1975: The island’s bauxite industry is gripped by industrial unrest as at least one company, Kaiser in St Elizabeth, is closed down by a strike. Alcan, Ewarton, and Alcoa are hit by ‘go-slows’. The situation is not clear at Alpart or at Reynolds. The National Workers Union, which represents the workers at all five companies, accuses the management of taking a number of proactive steps against the workers arising from current wage negotiations.

1990: Karl Samuda, the senior JLP MP stripped of his duties as opposition spokesman on public utilities and transport, appears before officers of the party. The appearance of Mr Samuda before elected officers is the latest step in the twists and turns that have characterised the saga of differences within the party.

1992: The inaugural year of the Governor General’s Achievement Award Scheme climaxes when prizes are presented to four outstanding citizens from the county of Surrey. The honorees are recognised for their outstanding civic contributions in a ceremony held at the Morant Villas Hotel, Morant Bay. The awardees are Olive Mckenzie of St Thomas, Easton Peat of Portland, Maria Anderson of St Andrew and Gloria Brissett of Kingston.

1992: An ambitious $40-million project comes to a climax with the official opening of the Shell liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling plant at Alice Eldemire Drive in Montego Bay. With this expansion, the supply of LPG to Montego Bay is doubled and the plant will service St James, Negril, Ocho Rios and Savanna-la-Mar.