September 17: “The People’s National Party Turns 21 Years Old”

1939: On the initiative of His Excellency the Governor, a representative group of citizens of Jamaica met at Headquarters House to plan measures for the furtherance of Jamaica’s efforts for the collection of War Relief Funds and to co-ordinate all civil efforts to aid and support the fighting progress.

1959: The People’s National Party turns 21 years old. The anniversary of the founding meeting in the Ward Theatre on September 18, 1938, when the party was formally launched by the late Sir Stafford Cripps of the British Labour Party.

1963: A five-man team whose talents lie mainly in the field of foreign and of human relations is selected by Government to represent Jamaica at the 18th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which is now in progress in New York.

1963: The first Mobile Television Cinema Unit in Jamaica and in the West Indies gave its inaugural show at B. and J.B. Machado Tobacco Co. Sports ground. The unit operates without mains electricity having its own generator; it will operate in the rural areas where mains electricity is not available supplementing the Government’s programme of providing 27-inch television sets in the country parts.

1968: The People’s National Party will be celebrating its 3oth anniversary today with a march through the Corporate Area, in which the accent will be equally divided between the party’s birthday and criticism of government policy.

1976: Donny Malcolm insurance salesman of Montego Bay, is elected president of the Montego Bay chapter Young Jamaica, the youth arm of Jamaica Labour Party. He succeeds Ed Bartlett who did not seek re- election to the post because he will be the JLP candidate for Western Westmoreland.

1970: An announcement from the Government on the question of transportation for staff nurses in the Corporate Area working late night shifts is expected between Monday and Tuesday of next week. This information is given to the Essential Services Tribunal set up to deal with the wage and working conditions dispute between government-employed nurses and the Government by the chairman of the tribunal who told the tribunal that he was informed by an official of the Ministry of Finance and Planning.