September 16: “Island’s Water-Supply System Is Now Taken Over By National Water Commission”

1941: The Gleaner has learnt by B.H. Easter, CBE, BA, director of education, that W.V. Rose, the first Issa Scholar, has been awarded a Colonial Agricultural Scholarship by the Imperial Government and will shortly proceed to Trinidad to take a two-year course in tropical agriculture.

1951: Kenneth R. Brandon, retired resident magistrate and chairman of the Rent Assessment Board, dies at 12:45 pm at his residence on Eureka Road, lower St Andrew. Brandon had been ill for some time in February. He went to Amsterdam, Holland, to seek medical aid. Returning home after five months’ absence, his condition did not improve and he was confined to his residence.

1954: Seven more iron lungs (artificial respirators) have arrived in the island for distribution to hospitals. They were ordered from Chicago by Dr S.E. Ferreira, chief epidemiologist, for the polio outbreak. Three of these iron lungs are being sent to the Kingston Public Hospital; two to the Mandeville Hospital, one to the Montego Bay Hospital, and another is intended for the Annotto Bay Hospital; and will be installed as soon as generators, which have been ordered, arrive.

1955: Oil-drilling operators which may bring new prosperity to Jamaica are scheduled to start in three weeks. Franklin Roosevelt, Jr, a director of Base Metals Mining Corporation of Canada, reveals in London that he has been discussing big purchases of drilling equipment in Britain.

1964: The Ministry of Health invites applications from qualified Jamaican nationals for scholarships being offered by the Jamaican Government to undertake courses in medicine. Applicants should be over the age of 25, with the exception of those already in universities actually undertaking courses in medicine.

1964: Two large primary schools are being built in the Corporate Area to accommodate about 1,800 children of school age. One school is located at Tower Hill and the other at Retirement Crescent. The Tower Hill school will have room for 1,000 and the school at Retirement Crescent, as an extension of the Mico Practising School, will hold 800.

1985: Full responsibility for the island’s water-supply system is now being taken over by the National Water Commission from the island’s 12 parish councils and the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

1992: There is a Jamaican on the US Democratic ticket, as Jamaica-born Nick Perry won the New York Democratic Primary, setting the stage to become the first Caribbean-born person to hold a seat in the New York State Assembly if he wins the November election. Perry ran in the newly created 58th Assembly District seat in the Flatbush, East Flatbush and Canarsle sections of Brooklyn, and won 48 per cent of the vote.