September 13: “Hollywood Revelations Have Focused Attention On The Increase In The Marijuana Habit”

1935: The Gleaner is making special efforts to have the banana prices in the English and Continental markets cabled regularly in view of the considerable interest that is being taken just now in these prices.

1940: R.F. Williams and L.L. Simmonds are elected to represent the All Island Banana Growers Association on the Federation of Primary Producers Association. The election of these two delegates is a tribute to their work in the interest of the development of the island’s banana industry.

1948: Hollywood revelations have focused attention on the increase in the marijuana habit and the West Indies, notably Jamaica and Trinidad, are named as profile source of the drug, branded by the League of Nations Narcotic Committee as the “most dangerous in the world ”.

1948: Councillor presses for market buses after responding to complaints that Jamaica Utilities buses on many occasions refuse to take up marketers with their baskets the Trusts Committee of the KSAC at its meeting decided to ask the Central Government to take steps to get the company to place special market buses on the various routes.

1951: A good Samaritan, head of a big Glasgow engineering firm, saved three young Jamaicans from 30 tough days in a Scottish goal. The three Jamaicans, Sylvester Andrews, 23, Robert Anthony Brown, 20, and George Natalie Leslie, 20, were sentenced to pay a fine of £10 or serve 30 days in prison by a Glasgow Court for stowing away in the timber ship Grandford.

1954: Alexander Bustamante, leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, announces five additional candidates who will be contesting the general election later this year on the JLP platform.

1984: Twenty-year-old Michael Coley, an employee of the Clarendon Parish Library, is awarded the Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica 25th Anniversary scholarship tenable at the University of the West Indies.

1990: The 14th Caribbean Tourism conference is open with a warning that if service and product quality are
not improved the industry will be crippling itself. This warning came from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Baltron Bethel, who stated that one of the reasons for region’s loss of share in the North American market is the increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of the product.