September 11: “Jamaica’s Economy Shows Upward Momentum”

1963: The 78-bedroom Manor House Hotel is sold to a Jamaican financial syndicate after 18 months of secret negotiations. With the takeover is a plan to develop 30 acres of the hotel’s spacious grounds as luxury housing estates with apartment buildings and shopping centre.

1964: A proposal that no landowning individual or group in Jamaica be permitted to own more than 500 acres at any time is put forward by the Executive Council of the People’s National Party. The NEC is at present deliberating an overall policy for the PNP based more firmly on socialist principles than policies in the immediate past. While it has not finished its deliberations, it has reach an agreement on a land-reform policy for the island. The proposal for a limit on the size of agricultural holding is one part of this projected policy.


1966: Jamaica’s economy continues to show an upward momentum. During the first half of this year, the trend, which has been noted in the first quarter, was maintained. A continued increase in production expansion of tourism and increase deposits at commercial banks, further indication of increased consumer spending and an improvement in the balance-of-payment position – all point to a healthy economic situation for the island in the period ended June 30 this year.


1969: Police riot squads are rushed into the picture in Montego Bay, Oracabessa and Port Antonio as the strike of dock workers enters into its second day. At the end of the day the s.s Camito sails from Port Antonio to the United Kingdom with more than half her cargo left behind.


1976: Defending National League football champions Santos FC withdraw from Kingston and St Andrew Association Major League competition, which begins today. Club President Jackie Bell explains the reason for the withdrawal has to do with the dissatisfaction with how the competition is arrange and doubts about the financial returns his team would gather from participation.