October 8: “A Double Blow Is Delivered To The So Called Gang of Five”

1923: The secretary of state for the colonies appoints Mr Aubrey Charles Robinson, registrar general of Trinidad, to be a resident magistrate of Jamaica.

1940: Jamaican lads in the United Kingdom helping to fight war changing over from civilian life into becoming voluntary soldier, sailors, and airmen.

1947: Jamaica batsmen get going, piling up 316 runs for four wickets in reply to British Guiana’s 326 in the first match of the Intercolonial Tournament at Bourda.

1953: Export trade recovers in half year on external trade. The significant improvement is due to a decrease of over £2.5 million in total imports. Other important increases in the value of domestic exports are in the case of sugar, which is over £2.5 million, and bananas, by over another £2.5 million.

1987: The Central and South Jamaica Tourism Committee has been challenged to design programmes and packages that will appeal to tourists who come to Jamaica for something more than just sun, sand, and sea.

1990: A double blow is delivered to the so- called ‘Gang of Five’ when the remaining four keeping official oppositions as opposition spokesmen are stripped of their titles and all five are barred from representing the Jamaica Labour Party.

1992: Hotel tycoon Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart calls on the Government to seek international help to combat crime in the society that he says has reached a crisis level.