October 31: “Proposals For Continuing The Tramway Service In Greater Kingston”

1947: Demand for stricter control of the fresh-milk trade is made in a Gleaner interview by Harold V. Lindo. Lindo, one of the largest dairy operators in the island, said, “I am alarmed at the conditions which exists concerning the fresh-milk business in the Corporate Area, and even more alarmed that the Government allows the state of affairs to continue despite the fact that it has been brought to their attention on various occasions.”


1947: An agreement between the sugar manufacturers of Jamaica, through the Jamaican Government and the British government, in respect to the allocation of the increase in the price of export sugar, by which 50 per cent of the increase will accrue to specific funds for the benefit of the industry as a whole, is the basis of a new bill to be introduced in the legislature during its present season.

1946: Proposals for continuing the tramway service in Greater Kingston will shortly be put to Government by the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited.

1954: Tremendous pressure of work and overcrowding is being experienced at the Passport Office. The volume of applications there is vastly multiplying. The actual number of passports issued and renewals is now 700 per cent more than in pre-war times.

1959: The Portland Parish Council approves extension to the electric service proposed by Jamaica Public Service Company Limited in view of the new hotel opening at the Frenchman’s Cove and a general increase demand for electricity.

1964: Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante pays a surprise visit to the St Thomas Garden Club’s annual two-day exhibition at the Morant Bay Tennis Clubhouse, which Lady Bustamante opened.

1979: Sustained efforts by officials of JAMCO, the Jamaica Banana Marketing Company in the United Kingdom and the Banana Company of Jamaica, wins for the banana industry a stay of execution on the British market.

1988: The Rio Minho changes its course in the area of the Bustamante Highway (the May Pen bypass) in Clarendon, as a result of sand mining.