October 27: “Jamaica Labour Party Declined To Nominate A Candidate For The East Kingston”

1946: The Gleaner learnt that members of the House of Representatives rejected the proposals by officials in Government for providing improved accommodation at Headquarters House.

1955: A target of 1,640 acres of food croplands and 2,050 acres of grasslands, which are contained in the 7,700 acres of farmlands to be developed as a start under the Farm Development Scheme, is the aim of the Fertiliser Programme, details of which were approved by the House of Representatives this week.

1962: A second-half hat-trick by Titchfield’s promising 14-year-old inside left Errol Edwards is the highlight of his school’s 4-3 victory over defending daCosta Cup champions, Munro College, in the second leg of their semi-final at Munro, St Elizabeth.

1966: Jamaica’s latest loan on the London market, which is an issue of £3,000,000 to finance agricultural and industrial development schemes in the island, was quickly oversubscribed.

1975: The Jamaica Labour Party declined to nominate a candidate for the East Kingston by-election for a parliamentary seat, as a mark of protest against alleged electoral malpractices in the recent St Mary parochial by-elections.

1975: Daily paid women labourers attached to the St Thomas Farmers’ Association are being granted equal pay with men engaging in copra, coconut, dairy and transport operations of the association. The women who were previously paid at the rate of $2.20 per day will now get the same $5.30 per day as the men. Formerly, the men were paid at a rate of $2.50 per day. The workweek has been reduced from 48 to 40 hours.


1985: The Bakers’ Association of Jamaica claims that the recent increase in the price of bread is not affecting sales, but the minister of state in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Karl Samuda, says the price of bread is too high and consumers should “resist it strenuously”.

1986: A seminar on red mud waste which attracts representatives from every major bauxite-producing country in the world, opened yesterday at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston.