October 22: “Norman Manley Made His First Public Appearance Since Early August”

1950: Mr. F.A. Primavesi, of the fresh fruit and vegetables section of the Ministry of Food, warned in an interview with The Gleaner that the price paid by the Ministry of Food for Jamaica’s bananas will be cut unless there is an immediate reduction of the high percentage of ripe fruit arriving with banana cargoes in Britain.


1960: Premier Norman Manley has succeeded in getting his way with the new shape of the West Indies Federation, in a tense sitting of the Federal Political Committee.

1967: Prime Minister Michael Manley reaffirms in a nationwide broadcast that, “The election which I announced in March and confirmed on October 5 will take place on October 30.” He emphasised: “The election is going to take place on schedule.”

1968: Norman Manley, QC, made his first public appearance since early August, when he attended the annual conference of the People’s National Party constituency organisation in East Central St Andrew, his own constituency.

1977:  An all-day meeting presided over by Labour Minister William Isaacs failed to work out a back-to-work agreement for hourly paid unionised workers at the Jamaica Public Service Company who went on strike.

1980:  Mr. Christopher F. Campbell, president and managing director of the Jamaica Public Services Company Limited, announces a record programme of expansion of electricity services which is now being carried out by the company, to extend electricity to many new areas of the island and improve service to others.

1990:  Oil prices rates slid to below US$30 (J$240) a barrel, reflecting a toning down of heated rhetoric in the Gulf, where Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait sent prices soaring.


1990:  An agreement is reached between the College of Arts, Science and Technology Students Union at Papine in St Andrew, and some minibus operators on the number 70 and 75 bus routes. This agreement is set up to ease the transportation problems being experienced by the students.