October 21: “The Harbour Has Silted Up”

1953: Lawton Bloomfield, minister of communications and works, calls a conference of heads of government departments concerned with sea transportation in and out of the port of Kingston, to discuss the current reports that the harbour has silted up.

1957: It is officially announced that Sir Hugh Foot, governor of Jamaica, will succeed field marshal, Sir John Harding, as governor and commander-in-chief of the strife-torn island colony of Cyprus.

1959: A committee to promote expended consumption of Jamaican rum in the United States is set up in New York. The prime method of the committee will be to educate Americans in the many ways in which Jamaican rum can be used.

1960: Harold A. Braham, general manager of Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation, announces that Jamaican exports of undergarments to the United States will be increased with the first shipment to New York by Perfect Brassieres Ltd.

1966: Senator Michael Manley proposes that Jamaica should take the initiative in creating a single co-operative structure of the bauxite-producing nations of the Caribbean, in order to create a better bargaining position for the area as a whole.

1966: RLB agrees on free transportation for farm workers. Farm workers recruited for work in the United States will now, after completing their contracts, be entitled to free air transportation to and from Kingston, instead of one way. The new arrangement resulted from discussions between the Regional Labour board and representatives of American employers at the Ministry of Labour.

1976: Orders to the value of some $1,325,000 are signed by Jamaican manufacturers with European buyers as a result of the EXPOJAM ’76 mission of the Jamaica Exporters Association.