October 13: “Government Should Resign If They Cannot Control The Crime Wave”

1949: The Corporation Council decided that their original plan for the Red Hills water supply should be proceeded with and not to agree to proposals contained in a letter from the colonial secretary dated September 26, in which it was proposed that this scheme be tied up with others on a large-scale plan.

1950: The House of Representatives discusses a motion by the Minister for Welfare D.B. Sangsters for the submission of an application to the secretary of State for the colonies for a free grant of £100,000 from the Jamaica allocation under the Colonial Development and Welfare Act, towards the continued development of housing urban and rural areas of the colony.

1979: A special conference in which Jamaica and the Republic of Guinea will meet to develop a strategy for the disposal of their bauxite resources to the international market, is to be held in Jamaica within the next few weeks.

1982: All licences issued for the importation of motor vehicles has been recalled by the trade administrator in an apparent move to tighten up on the issue of these licences.

1983: A revolutionary land-reform concept in which production centres will form the pivot for development of 200,000 acres of unutilised or under-utilised land to maximise production of 27 selected crops, is unveiled by Prime Minister Edward Seaga as he launched AGRO 21 at a ceremony in the Oceana Hotel, in downtown Kingston.

1988: A vastly improved St Catherine High School holds Meadowbrook High to an action-packed 3-3 draw at the National Stadium East.

1992: Juliet Cuthbert and Winthrop Graham, Jamaica’s two silver medallists in the recent Barcelona Olympic Games, are to be conferred with the Order of Distinction (OD).

1992: Senator Ossie Harding has charged that Minister of National Security and Justice K.D. Knight and the Government should resign if they cannot control the crime wave that is affecting the nation.