October 11: “Today Marks The 500th Anniversary Of Columbus Arrival”

 1950:  Approval is given in the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives and later confirmed by the House of a supplementary expenditure of £60,000 to be applied for special works in the country parishes and special works in the Corporate Area, to be allowed £31,000 to the former and £29,000 to the latter.

 1955:  Mr C.D. Hutchings, deputy director of agriculture (extension), declares full development of the land and equally full organisation of the people on the land to be the two foremost objectives of the government’s five-year, £13 million development scheme.

 1955:  Canadian National Steamships Company announces through the local agents, Jamaicans Fruit and Shipping Co. Ltd., additional service on the Canadian Jamaica run. Five ships of the line, each 4,500-ton vessel, are to be equipped with two chambers of refrigerated space. The ships are the Canadian Highlander, Canadian Conqueror and the Canadian observer.

 1979:  The president of the Jamaica Exporters Association Mr Prakash proposes the establishment by Government of a $25 million fund to provide employment for all young persons below the age of 25 years.

 1984:  Jamaica calls for changes in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to enable them to better meet the needs of developing countries.

 1987:  The World Bridge Federation’s 28th Bermuda Bowl and sixth Venice Cup Championships got under way at the Mallards Beach Hotel in Ocho Rios with host country Jamaica making a successful start in both the men’s and ladies Championships against Canada and Argentina, respectively.

 1987:  The people at Dalvey and Poor Man’s Corner, St Thomas, who were devastated by Hurricane Gilbert a month ago, drew a step nearer to rebuilding their houses receiving Building Stamps from the Government.

 199 2:  Today marks the 500th anniversary of Columbus arrival on land in the Americas. Recognition of this occasion will coincide with the launching ceremony of St Ann’s National Heritage Week Activities at Columbus Park in Discovery Bay, St Ann.