November 29: “Government Will Not Permit Casino Gambling In Jamaica”

1951: Government reaffirmed its intention to go ahead with the £40,000 loan scheme for cocoa growers. It disclosed that the amount has already been set aside from the cocoa reserve funds. This release was part of the Government statement announcing the reduction in the price of cocoa to growers.


1954: An all-island campaign for the eradication of yaws and the control of venereal diseases is to get under way soon. Dr Mortimer Harris, consultant to the World Health Organisation, flew in by Pan American Clipper from Port Au Prince for talks here in connection with the campaign.

1960: Dr Glendon Logan, minister of housing and social welfare, officially announces that the firm of C.J. Fox Ltd has been awarded the contract to build the £5,000,000 National Stadium for the 1962 Central American and Caribbean Games, and that the head of the firm, C.J. Fox, has undertaken to finish the job within 16 months.

1962: After a great flight with England’s Robbie Brightwell, George Kerr took the gold medal for Jamaica in the Commonwealth Games 440 yards at Perth. It was a race we had all been waiting for and a fine race it proved to be.

1971: Support for the Jamaican Government in what has been described as a brewing trade dispute with Trinidad over textiles has come from the president of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association C. Henderson-Davis. Henderson-Davis said the withdrawal of Trinidad and other CARIFTA textiles as qualifying for the purpose of Jamaican imports quotas had nothing to do with the CARIFTA Agreement and therefore did not constitute a violation of it.

1978: Government will not permit casino gambling in Jamaica, Prime Minister Michael Manley said in Montego Bay. Manley, who was addressing hotel workers and community leaders at Holiday Inn Hotel, told them, “This Government will not under any circumstances permit casino gambling in Jamaica.”

1978: Hundreds of people responded to the Bank of Jamaica’s 24-hour deadline for changing old $10 and $20 currency notes and converged on the bank at Nethersole Place, downtown Kingston, with sums ranging from $30 to $500.

1984: The transaction rate at which commercial banks buy and sell US dollars has been changed as a result of the modified auction. As of today, the bank will buy US dollars at J$4.82 per US dollar instead of at J$4.86, and will sell at J$4.86 instead of J$4.90.