November 24: “Sonic Booms Over Kingston “

1959: Sonic booms over Kingston drew attention to two fast-moving jet craft leaving weird vapor patterns in their trail. Many citizens say they had seen similar planes on Friday and again on Monday. But it was the first time that the thunder-like sounds had startled early city risers. A Burms veteran who serves on a ship that came into port this morning told the Gleaner he saw two fighter planes zoom by in formation as they came into port an said he recognised them as Russian MIG’s.

1960: Chief Justice Sir Collin MacGregor passed sentence of death in the St Thomas Circuit Court on Reginald Williams, a 32-year-old Kingston salesman whom the jury found guilty of murdering Yvonne McLennon during the early morning of July 23, in a motor car in the Grants pen district of St Thomas.

1963: It was announced by the Ministry of Development and Welfare that Miss World Carolyn Joan Crawford will arrive in the Island by BOAC flight from New York, en route from London.

1965: Jamaica is among 37 members of the governing council of the newly established United Nations Development Programme chosen by the Economic and Social Council.

1966: The Bank of Nova Scotia in Jamaica is to be turned into a local company. According to announcements made, it will be a Jamaican character: Jamaican based, with Jamaicans taking part in the directorate and management of the bank, and with Jamaicans sharing in the ownership of the bank by public participation in its shares.

1970: A case of tetanus, a deadly bacterial infection has been discovered at the Kingston Public hospital. The operating theatre has been closed as a result, and emergency surgical cases are being sent to the University Hospital.

1982: Prime Minister Edward Seaga officially launched the National Development Bank of Jamaica Limited with assets totalling $62.4 million for the year 1982/83 and with expectation that in the next three years the assets will total $150 million.