May 29: “Jean Francois Pouyat dies”

1857: Jean Francois Pouyat, a French botanist who was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and who introduced the Gros Michel banana, and a plantain called the ‘Tiger’ to Jamaica, dies. The first Gros Michel was planted at his property “Bel Air” in St. Andrew.


1933: It is now unlawful "for the rider of any bicycle when in or upon any thoroughfare or public place within the Corporate Area to carry any other person upon any part of such bicycle". And the rider of a motor cycle cannot carry any other person on the handle bar, frame, tank of any part of the vehicle, except on the seat provided behind the rider.

1940: A brilliant Solar Halo appears when the sun is overhead and lasts about 11/2 hours. It is a large and perfect circle around the sun. It is a rare phenomenon and was last seen in Jamaica on May 14, 1921.

1955: Carmen Thame of Glengoffe, St. Catherine, graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in pre-law with a major in social science and a minor in Latin, from Marywood College, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

1965: Marilyn, nee Alberga and Michael Reid are the happy parents of a son born at the Nuttall Memorial Hospital, Cross Roads, St. Andrew.


1966: Neville Shakes, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Shakes of St. Elizabeth, graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Accounting from Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA.

1969: Jamaica Women's Hockey Team defeat British Guyana, 2-1 at Pointe-a-Prince in Trinidad. The goals are scored by Madge Bond and Kay Wilson.
1970: Beverly Carey is appointed public relations and promotions officer in Jamaica of the Upper Deck Hotel in Montego Bay, St. James.
1971: Sharon Savoury, a 17-yaer-old high school student is chosen Zone Queen for the Festival 1971 Zone 9, Cross Roads area of St. Andrew. Runners up for the title are Thelma Clarke who places second and Mary McLean, third.

1973: Marilyn and Pat Burke are the parents of a daughter, Elizabeth, at the Windsor Metropolitan Hospital.

1980: Gunmen unleash a night of terror in the Olympic Gardens area of West Central St. Andrew, and by day break this morning, five persons are dead. A gunman is also shot dead by soldiers called in to assist the police.