May 28: “Founding Treasurer Of The PNP Dies In Munich”

1930: Edward Phillip George Seaga is born at Boston, Massachusetts, USA, of Jamaican parents Phillip George Seaga and Erna Maxwell-Seaga.

1935: Prominent New Yorkers F. Greenberg, assistant attorney general for the State of New York, B.F. Weiss, one of the leading merchants of New York and N.B. Sobel, counsellor to the New York State Legislature visit Kingston and are met on arrival by His Worship the Mayor, H.A.L Simpson, OBE.

1948: Leslie Xavier Russell who was ordained a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in Jamaica yesterday, is now raised to the office of deacon.

1961: Declaring that no one can stop him from going home to Ethiopia by plane, George Bailey of Sligoville, St Catherine, walks across the tarmac of the Palisadoes International Airport with a determined and confident stride. However, security officers race from the terminal building and after a brief struggle, Bailey is arrested for a breach of the airport regulations.

1967: The minister of education Edwin Allen announces that 40 primary schools are to be built by the Government under the Canadian External Aid programme and will be completed by November this year.

1970: O.T. Fairclough, co-founder of the newspaper, Public Opinion, dies in a hospital in Munich, West Germany, at the age of 63. He also managed the Jamaica Standard for a while and was founding treasurer of the People’s National Party. Born on October 28, 1904, Mr. Fairclough migrated to Haiti and became assistant manager of the Aux Cayes branch of the Republic’s National Bank.

1974: Mrs. Augustus Payne has been appointed the managing director’s assistant at Barclay’s Bank. She is the first woman to be appointed to this executive post in the history of this bank.

1982: The Minister of Education, the Hon Dr Mavis Gilmour, announces that the Passley Gardens Agricultural School in Portland is to be changed from a secondary institution to an agricultural college beginning September. Gilmour states that the new college for tertiary education in agriculture will open in September with a complement of 100 new students, who will be reading for the associate of science degree in agriculture. Later, the college will offer a bachelor’s degree in agriculture.