May 23: “Premier Sir Alexander Bustamante Fulfills Early Ambitions”

1956: Director of Tourism John Pringle tells merchants in Montego Bay to stop moaning that the presence of shops operating in hotels is influencing tourists not to leave the hotels. ‘Montego Bay merchants’, he says, “are missing the boat in not grasping the opportunity of opening their stores at nights, having them attractively decorated, instead of sitting down and moaning over the endeavours of other enterprising people.”

1959: Herman McDonald compiles a record 3 over par 73 to lead the field at the end of the first round in the 54-hole Men’s Northern Championship at the Montego Bay Country Club. Previous best was 76 by Mike Elder. McDonald is followed by Ellis Edwards who, in one of his best tours of this course ever, returns a 75.

1962: The Premier, Sir Alexander Bustamante says that he has fulfilled two of his early ambitions – to be the first mayor of the Corporate Area and the first Chief Minister of Jamaica and if he wants he can fulfill the third and last to be the first Governor General of Jamaica. The 78-year-old leader of both the JLP and the BITU declares that he came forward to lead his country mainly because he believes that he was sent by God and also because of the inspiration of a woman. In an emotional speech Sir Alex says in 1938 when he was arrested by the police, he called out to Miss Gladys Longbridge to take cover but she said “Chief, I will stand by you”. Anyone who offends her offends me. I challenge anyone to touch her.”

1972: In a nationwide show of voluntary effort, thousands of Jamaicans take to the streets and hedges, to social centres and elsewhere in a new type of celebration of Labour Day, 1972.

1975: The first step in the development of the proposed Worker Resort Centre, ‘Seaforth’ at the Hellshire Bay in St Catherine is made as workers, union representatives and others gather for the clearing of the site as a Labour Day Project. Prime Minister, Michael Manley delivers the speech to give the go-ahead for the start of construction of the beach land in the first phase of the development.

1978: Zambian President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda is welcomed once again to Jamaica by Prime Minister Manley and Mrs Manley and Government officials during a two-hour stopover at the Norman Manley International Airport. Manley referring to Kaunda’s role for freedom of Africa, welcomes him as a “freedom fighter, as one of the giants of the Commonwealth and as a leader of a developing country whose achievements in the field of human developments are outstanding. We welcome you with pride and are sorry only that your stay is so short at this time”, states Manley.

1990: Hugh Lawson Shearer, Member of Parliament for Clarendon South-East is given the national honour of the Order of Jamaica (O.J.).