May 19: “Bustamante Warns Of Communism”

1953: William Alexander Bustamante warns on arrival in the United Kingdom: “We must face facts: there is a bold attempt to create a state of communism in Jamaica. We are next door to the Panama Canal and if the movement were to succeed, it would be most dangerous not only to Britain but to the United States.”

1954: A good all-round performance by Donald Smith pilots Gaynstead High School to a five-wicket victory over Waulgrove High School in a Harrison Cup cricket match at Caxton Park. Scores are Waulgrove 60, Gaynstead 64 for five. Smith dismisses eight Waulgrove batsmen for 16 runs, only two (D. Williams 13 and Roy Tomlinson 10) reaching double figures. Smith also tops scores for Gaynstead with 13.

1960: The Gleaner reports that a military parade in honour of the birthday of Her Majesty The Queen will be held on the polo grounds at Up Park Camp at 8:00 a.m. on June 11.

1963: St George’s Day is observed with a special service at St George’s Church, Kingston, when Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell heads a large congregation of morning worshippers. The service is conducted by Rev. Canon R.O.C. King, rector.

1966: Miss Elsie Bailey, social worker and Mr C.L.G. Harris, school teacher and colonel of the Moore Town Maroons in Portland, are appointed senators by the governor general on recommendation of the acting prime minister, Donald Sangster.

1969: The governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Hon G. Arthur Brown, announces that the 20 cent coin will be released to the public on Monday, May 26. He states that all commercial banks have now received full supply of the new coin which carries a design of Jamaica’s national tree, the Blue Mahoe on one side and the Jamaica Coat of Arms on the other.

1978: Opposition Finance Spokesman Senator Basil Buck calls on the prime minister to resign after he had described the economic package as unworkable and the tax package as too heavy. He says the Government’s excuse that international economic conditions were the cause of Jamaica’s crisis was a myth.

1982: The first phase of offshore oil exploration on the Pedro Banks is abandoned in the face of negative results. A source close to the exploration discloses that the Union Texas-Petroleum Corporation of the USA has already closed down operations at the Arawaks No. 1 well off the Pedro Banks.