May 15: “Urologist Calls For A Jamaica Kidney Foundation”

1970: Two new temporary senators are appointed to the Jamaican Senate by the governor general on recommendation of the prime minister, the Rt Hon Hugh Shearer. They Are C.L.G Harris of Moore Town who will be acting for Senator Rupert Chinsee who is off the island on extended leave and Mr Hewart Henriques, barrister of Montego Bay who will be acting for Senator Gerald Mair, deputy president of the Senate who left the island this week for a four months holidays overseas.

1970: The minister of labour and national insurance, the Hon Lynden Newland, meets with employer groups in Jamaica to discuss the question as to why more Jamaicans are not being employed in top jobs despite intensive training programmes in many quarters. He gives instruction for a meeting to be scheduled with each of the following employer organisations, hotel industry, bauxite companies, manufacturers, through Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association and communications and electrical services, including Cable and Wireless, Jamaica Telephone Company and Jamaica Public Service.


1970: The Anstey College of Physical Education in London launch a three-year research programme costing 6000 pounds to find out: “Why is Negro likely to sink sooner in water than white man? According to the college, the answer to this physical phenomenon could prove important to racial integration in Britain.


1972: South Vietnamese infantry men using bold tactics recapture an important fire base south-west of Hue in the second phase of an effort to pre-empt North Vietnamese plans to attack the former imperial capital


1982: Dr Lawson Douglas, urologist, calls for a kidney foundation to be set up in Jamaica to provide public education, raise funds, get equipment and treat patients with this serious illness. He states that in 10 years there were only 23 kidney transplants in Jamaica mainly because people have been reluctant to allow surgeons to use kidneys of dead relatives to save lives.

1982: British troops stage their first ground action on the Falkland Islands since Argentine forces seized them six weeks ago.

1983: Prime Minister the Hon Edward Seaga, in addressing the Boston University graduating exercise, suggests the utilisation of the computer as “teacher” to assist in easing the chronic shortage of teachers and trainers facing the developing world.

1982:  Boys’ Town and Lucas are winners of the fifth-round Senior Cup Cricket competition.