March 31: “Early Response Is Reported As One Of Curiosity And Suspicion”

1945:  Icar Lawrence, Kingston College’s Sunlight Cup star batsman with 100 not out, Jasper Marshalleck 92, Neville Bonitto 75 and Sydney Abrahams 51, batter Kensington’s nine man bowling attack for 338 for four wickets in their Senior Cup cricket match at Dunoon Park. Only L.E. Magnus, the wicketkeeper, is not tried with the ball.


 1949:  Up to now, the dead has been kept covered with ice and because the ice melts quickly and due to the expense and inconvenience of preserving the body in this way, funerals have mainly been taking place within 24 hours after death. H.P. Jackson, who was just returned from New York, now advertises his services of embalming, warning that “ice does not eliminate contagious and other dreadful diseases”. Early response is reported as one of curiosity and suspicion.

 1950:  In one hour, the Helen’s Roman Catholic Church at Linstead is destroyed by fire of unknown origin. The wooden structure, erected in 1914, was of little value but the loss involved is estimated at £4,000 because inside the church were fixtures and religious pieces which were of great value.

1 955 :  Collie Smith of Boys’ Town hits 104 runs in the second innings of the Test match between the West Indies and Australia at Sabina Park in Kingston. He reaches this, his maiden test century, by hitting a no-ball for four and becoming the second Jamaican, after George Headley, to hit a century in their first Test match. Earlier in his innings, he hit two successive, majestic fours to carry his score from 45 to his half-century.

1959: Kingston’s wharf operations are declared an essential service by the governor in council, as the Government moves to forestall a complete breakdown in the island’s food supplies imperiling the “life and health” of the community, the result of a weeklong strike of city port workers. Under the law, strikes and lockouts, except in certain clearly defined circumstances, became illegal on the waterfront. The trade unions concerned in the dispute, the BITU, NWU and TUC have accordingly given instructions for resumption of work on the city’s dock.

1964: A new high in the island’s annual spending is projected in the 1964-65 Estimate of Expenditure presented to the House of Representatives by Donald Sangster, deputy prime minister and minister of finance.

1969: Minister of Finance and Planning Edward Seaga signs a loan agreement at Vale Royal for Canadian $700,000 (about £270,000) under the Canadian Aid Programme. The Canadian High Commissioner in Jamaica, Victor Moore, signs on behalf of the Canadian government. The loan of CDN$700,000 will be used to provide some of the equipment required for the Montego Bay Regional Hospital, which is under construction.