March 28: “I Die For Marcus Garvey”

1950: The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) in the House of Representatives declare their intention not to serve on the five House committees to which five of their members were elected by the majority party. The debate, which occupied the major portion of the session of the House, turned upon constitutional questions and parliamentary practice, but in the end, the Jamaica Labour Party members threw out PNP amendments to add their own selections to the committees and named their own party members to the five committees with the addition of one PNP member to each committee.


1951: Henry Evans, 35, a convict doing 10 years in the General Penitentiary, escapes from a warder at the Kingston Public Hospital while awaiting medical attention. Evans is also known as Arthur George Wilson, Henry Brown, George Barrett, Robert Smith and Stanford Evans. Evans was convicted in the Home Circuit Court on a charge of shop breaking and larceny and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment at hard labour.


1956: Sir Alexander Bustamante, Leader of the opposition, invites the government to set up a commission of inquiry into the compilation of electoral lists and alleged padding of names as the debate on the 1956-57 Estimates close its first stage. The Estimates go to the Standing Finance Committee of the House of Representatives and will be returned to the House for approval.


1961: After several pertinent sessions with Christian ministers, Reynold Henry and Albert Gabbidon walk to the gallows, to pay the price for the murder of one of three Rastafarians 10 months ago near Red Hills. “I die for Marcus Garvey” are the last words of Henry, a naturalised American, 27, and son of the Rev Claudius Henry, now serving a 10-year term for treason felony. “The Lord is my light,” said Gabbidon, as he stands on the platform waiting for hangman Alan Whonder to pull the lever at the St Catherine District Prison in Spanish Town.


1969: A second member of a four-man gang who went on a rampage in rural areas of St Mary, St Catherine and St Andrew, during which they killed a motorist, shot a policeman and injured five other persons, is killed in a gun battle with the police in Red Hills, St Andrew. The first gang member was shot last week in the same area. The gang members killed are Hughroy Collins, 22 and Alphanso Gardner, 36.


1974: An appeal to the holders of illegal guns, especially the young men in society, to turn in their guns and return to the mainstream of Jamaican life is made by Minister of National Security and Justice Eli Matalon. Making a statement in the House of Representatives as a prelude to moving the adoption of the Gun Court Act, the minister directed his appeal “to those young men who either by force of circumstance or by the present trends in our society have sought to arm themselves with illegal weapons”.