March 15: “Unfair Conduct Of The Recent General Elections”

1961: Premier Norman Manley announces in the House of Representatives that Jamaica is to have its own Territorial Regiment ancillary to the West India Regiment. Mr Manley, in setting out the matter in a ministry paper says its main functions will be “to undertake emergency duties arising from natural disasters, to assist in internal security operations and in the maintenance of essential services in times of public emergency and to assist in civil defence and in the support of the regular forces where local military operations might become necessary”.


1963: Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante is presented with a spray of shamrock, the national emblem of Ireland, by Irene Kenealy of the Irish International Airlines. The presentation is made on behalf of the Irish people in celebration of St Patrick’s Day on March 17. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Sir Alexander also received a water jug made of the famous Waterford glass. He presents Kenealy with a signed photograph of himself.


1967: PNP members of parliament boycott the opening session of Parliament. The boycott is to “demonstrate how strongly the People’s National Party feels about the unfair conduct of the recent general elections.”


1970: Dr Edward Braithwaite, poet and lecturer in history at the University of the West Indies, opens an exhibition of paintings by Guyanese artist Aubrey Williams at the John Peartree Gallery. Speaking of the artists, Dr Braithwaite says that Aubrey Williams can be best described as a highly primordial artist but yet manage to give his art a modern look in a primitive form. Each painting done by the artist, he says, is a variation and deals with a central theme. He also says that Williams gives his work a unity and centrality which is rare.


1972: Irvine Weekes reveals that a new industrial complex costing $3 million is being sited on a seven-acre industrial estate at the JIDC’s Twickenham Park in St Catherine by Thermo-Plastics (Jamaica) Limited. The industrial complex is part of a major expansion programme fashioned to develop a competitive and effective plastic manufacturing industry.


1974: Guru Maharaj Ji, the 16-year-old spiritual leader who is claimed by many to be the ‘Saviour of Mankind’ arrives in Jamaica to an enthusiastic welcome by local followers. Some 50-odd jubilant devotees waving banners proclaiming him to be ‘Saviour of Mankind’ showers their unresponding ‘Messiah’ with flowers as the youngster and his entourage proceed through an arch of palm leaves and a walkway strewn with shredded flower buds.


1994: Mutual Life announces that as part of their celebration of 150 years of existence, they will be offering 150 scholarships to Jamaican students over the next year. The details of the scholarships are to be worked out shortly.