June 29: “Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica Booed”

1962: The House of Commons passes the Jamaica Independence Bill through all its remaining stages. It now only has to be approved by the House of Lords and receive formal Royal assent to come into effect. The Bill, which makes provision for the attainment by Jamaica of fully responsible status within the Commonwealth, is passed unopposed.

1962: Three public holidays will be celebrated in August. August 1 (Emancipation Day) will be celebrated as a public holiday this year for the last time, in its own right, as, with the coming of independence, it will be abolished. August 6, Independence Day, will be a public holiday, as well as August 7, the day Princess Margaret is scheduled to open the first Parliament of an independent Jamaica. In future years, Independence Day will be celebrated on the first Monday in August, which may, or may not, be August 1.

1966: The People’s National Party gains on the Jamaica Labour Party and reserves the trend in the election count of Tuesday night, as the preliminary counting of the votes in the parish councils’ general elections continues. As these results unfold, top party leaders on both sides are talking of engaging in legal and legislative measures to set aside the results achieved in a substantial number of the electoral districts.

1970: An expansion programme is to be pursued by the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd, between 1970 and 1974, and is estimated to cost approximately $37,000,000. Mr Russell Carney, managing direrctor and president of the company state this.

1976: The launching ceremony of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica is brought to an abrupt close, amid shouts and boos which had begun during a slide presentation giving background to the formation of the PSOJ.

1983: A call for a special committee is to be set up immediately to review, “as a matter of urgency”, the whole relationship between Jamaican manufacturers and CARICOM, is held at the annual meeting of the Jamaica Manufactures’ Association in Kingston.

1986: Local Government elections is to be held on July 29 and nomination day will be July 7, Prime Minister Edward Seaga makes this announcement.