June 19: “Charles Hyatt To Star In Film”

1929: The entire town of Golden Grove turn out to honour and welcome home successful student and his wife Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Evans. Dr. Kenneth Evans had just graduated as a medical practitioner and returns to the island to begin his practice. The wish of every person at the gathering is that the son of their capable doctor, Dr F.R. Evans, would turn out a chip off the old block.


1938: The annual printers sports provides a thrilling and enjoyable afternoon for a large assembly of printers and journalists at Caxton Park. Jamaica Times Ltd secures most points with The Gleaner taking second place and Mr G. Hester of the Government Printing Office earns the cup as champion athlete.


1953: The Jamaica Broadcasting Company dismisses from its employment workers who went on strike two weeks ago. The ground for dismissal is absence without leave. The strike continues but discussions are reported to be taking place.

1953: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg die in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison for conspiring to pass atomic secrets to Russia in the Second World War. The Jewish couple, who remained unmoved throughout the day, went to their deaths the day after their 14th wedding anniversary.

1964: Jamaican actor and comedian Charles Hyatt leaves London by air for Jamaica to co-star in the film version of Richard Hughes’ famous novel ‘A High Wind in Jamaica.’ He will play opposite American tough-guy actor Anthony Quinn. The film is being made by Twentieth Century Fox and will be shot on location in Jamaica.


1965: Another change is being made at the National Stadium. Instead of the stones, which surrounded the garden at the entrance; grass is expected to be flourishing there in the next few weeks. The manager of the stadium states that in addition to being more beautiful, the temptation to use the stones in personal combat will be removed. When the stadium was built, the garden was surrounded by a pool with fishes.


1970: Top executives of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association meet with the Minister of finance and Planning, the Hon. Edward Seaga, to discuss the recently released revision of teachers’ salaries.

1979: The Sickle Cell Campaign launched by the Mandeville Jaycees is a first for Jamaica. Project Chairman Janice Hillary states that the disease was possibly one of the most neglected major health problems in this country.