June 17: “Faculty Of Law To Be Established At UWI”

1967: The annual appeal by the National Volunteers Organisation for items to fill their community hamper is to be officially launched by Prime Minister Hugh Shearer. The campaign will continue until Monday, July 3. As one of the projects of the NVO programmes, the community hamper is designed to collect from those who can afford it, and who are willing to contribute items they no longer wish to own.

1967: A single faculty of Law is to be established by the University of the West Indies through funds that may be made available by the University Grants Committee. A decision is being made at meetings in Trinidad of the University Council. Dr Eric Williams, prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago and Pro-Chancellor of the UWI, is chairman.

1971: A no-new-taxation Budget, which will be financed by the country, largely from its own resources, with some amount of external borrowing, is presented to the House of Representatives by Minister of Finance Planning Edward Seaga. Calling for a net expenditure of $300-odd million, the Budget will cover all major areas of national spending in Jamaica with particular emphasis on agriculture, health and education.

1976: Tax-relief incentives, designed to stimulate exports outside the Caricom region, is announced by P.J. Patterson, minister of industry, tourism and foreign trade, in the House of Representatives. Patterson gives details of the Special Export Incentives Scheme in an opening debate on a motion embodying the ministerial order which will bring the scheme into effect from July 1.

1980: The JLP announces a boycott of sittings of the house of Representatives unless national security minister and MP for Western St Andrew, Dudley Thompson, “is relieved of ministerial responsibility”, or the speaker of the House ensures that he does not attend sittings of the House. The JLP announcement came in the continuing controversy over the Supreme Court ruling which legally invalidated the nomination and election of Mr Thompson to the West St Andrew seat in 1978.

1984: McNair Limited of Newport West is named ‘Overall Champion Exporter’ at the Annual Export Awards Spectacular of the Jamaica Exporters’ Association at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel. The company had the best performance of all classes of exporters during 1983. During the year, McNair exported canned Jamaican foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and ground provisions worth $5 million, an achievement that placed it ahead of exporters of all other types of goods including industrial items.

1987: Minster of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trade and Industry Ryan Peralto says the latest shipment of 75 Isuzu motor cars are to be distributed to officers in government ministries, departments and statutory bodies. Mr Peralto’s statement comes in the wake of changes by the People’s National Party that the Government was commandeering the cars for ministers, members of parliament and government agencies.