June 12: “At Least 150 Infected With AIDS (MOH)”

1974: Prime Minister Michael Manley reminded the leader of the Opposition that “the Government of Jamaica is not responsible for, nor able to control, either the opinions or utterances of other governments, government spokesmen, private citizens in the Caribbean area or the world at large. The reminder was contained in a letter, which the prime minister sent to the Rt. Hon. Hugh Shearer in response to a statement from the Jamaica Labour Party, asking the prime minister to restate Jamaica’s policy towards the West Indies in the light of some recent statements outside Jamaica.


1978: Foreign Affairs Minister P.J Patterson outlined several areas in which Jamaican nationals abroad can play a role in the reconstruction of their country. The minister said he would like to see Jamaicans, who had acquired skills abroad, return to Jamaica, even on contract, for limited periods to allow the country to benefit from their knowledge and skills.


1987: The number of Jamaicans who have contracted Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) still stands at 18, but at least 150 have been reportedly infected by the AIDS virus, said the Ministry of Health.


1989: More than 10,800 students have gained places to attend high schools in the new school year, having passed the Common Entrance Examination. Thirty-eight of those students with exceptional scores were awarded government scholarships.


1991: A record-breaking 11,425 students have been awarded Common Entrance Examination places in high schools, the first time the 11,00 mark has been passed. Nearly five hundred more students won coveted places to high schools. An additional four hundred and ninety seven places more were provided primarily because six new secondary schools have been upgraded to high schools.


2003: Jamaica has been listed among 89 countries, which the United States Department accuses of being involved in the trafficking of humans. The United States has sanctions against all countries involved, according to reports.