June 11: “The Children’s Own Turns 25”

1939: The Lodge Hall at 54 Hanover Street, where quite a number of friendly societies have been holding meetings for several years past, has now changed. Mr W. F. March, prominent planter of Clarendon, acquires the property through Livingston and Alexander, solicitors. The building, a two-storey structure, will now house the National Tobacco Company, which was launched a short time ago through the instrumentality of Mr March and other well-known citizens in different parishes.

1943: The Government has decided to establish in Clarendon the first Children’s Farm Home for the training of destitute and orphaned children who are a charge on Poor Relief. To carry the scheme into effect, Government has purchased the property known as ‘Teak Pen’ from Miss Harvey.

1953: Crowds that defy estimation turn out to witness Jamaica’s salute to the Queen. His Excellency the Governor, Sir Hugh Foot, stands taking the salute for one hour and 10 minutes on the saluting base at King Street, while Her Majesty and civilians participate in a march that makes history.

1956: The Minister of Local Government turns down a request from the Corporation Council that the deputy mayor is to be paid an extra allowance. The former council makes representation to the Government that an allowance should be paid to the deputy mayor.

1959: Three new housing schemes costing over £2,127,000, involving a total of 1,030 houses and 14 blocks of flats comprising 168 units, are out before the House of Representatives for its approval. The Minister of Housing, the Hon Glendon Logan, and the Minister of Finance, the Hon Vernon Arnett, will introduce resolutions in connection with the schemes.

1959: The Queen’s birthday celebrations tomorrow will be highlighted with a military parade on the Polo Grounds, Up Park Camp, and a reception in the evening at King’s House. The parade will be under the command of Lt Col R. A. Davis of the West India Regiment, and detachments from these units will take part.

1969: Insufficient cricket because of rain and cold weather, tour injuries and illness, has so badly hampered the tour of the West Indian cricketers that England, despite the absence of three of their stars, should go into the first Test match the favourites against the West Indies.

1975: The Children’s Own newspaper is 25 years old. It was founded June 11, 1950 by The Gleaner Company Limited to provide reading material at special low cost for children all over Jamaica.