June 10: “Monument for George William Gordon”

1951: The Royal Mail Lines freighter, Balantia, which left here recently for the United Kingdom, returns to Port Royal to debark three men found aboard as stowaways off the coast of Cuba. The three are Alphonso Jones, Stennett Livingston and Alton Carpenter. The men are charged with a breach of the Merchant Shipping Act.

1955: The first American cricketer and sportsman to cover a test match played in the West Indies for American papers is Walter J. Hole. Jim Hole and his wife arrive to see the last test between West Indies and Australia, starting at Sabina Park tomorrow.

1961: Jamaica has every reason to be happy after they win, hands down, the controversial issue of items on the Reserve List. The Independence Conference agrees that the two main items on the Reserve List should remain on it. Income Tax and Industrial Development Tax will both remain on the Reserve List for the next few years.

1965: The remains of George William Gordon and others executed in the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865 will not be disinterred and removed but, instead, suitable monuments will be erected at the site where they were buried. The National Trust Commission gives this assurance to Mr R.O. Gordon, a descendant of George William Gordon, through his legal adviser.

1969: The mayor of Kingston, Councillor Eric Bell, hints that unless adequate financing arrangements can be made with central Government, then the corporation would embark on a programme of raising revenues through its own initiative.

1972: An estimated 50,000 persons assemble on Great George Street in Savanna-la-Mar to hear of the granting by Government of mayoral status to the city of Savanna-la-Mar from the Local Government Minister, Hon Rose Leon. Mrs Leon gives her speech at the civic reception for Prime Minister Michael Manley.

1981: A national energy policy and an energy plan are being pursued by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, based on the necessity to reduce the country’s “almost total dependence” on imported oil for its commercial energy needs without “retarding economic growth”.

1982: Industrial incentives for export offered by the Government may be upgraded soon, as the system is now under review by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The minister, the Hon Douglas Vaz, tells Jamaica’s trade commissioners that the Government now recognises that to accelerate export growth adequate incentives must be provided.