January 1: “Make Great Sacrifices For The Goals Of National Progress”

1639: Prime Minister the Hon Sir Alexander Bustamante, in his New Year’s message, proposes to create confidence in investors, entertain great hopes and expectations for the future and that Jamaica will erect a structure of happiness and prosperity for its people.


1973: Prime Minister the Hon Michael Manley, in his New Year’s message to the nation, offers a prayer for national unity. He states that there is no better way of expressing his feelings to the people of Jamaica.

1977: Prime Minister Michael Manley, in his New Year’s message to the nation, calls on the entire nation to make great sacrifices for the goals of national progress, self-reliance and survival.

1982: The New Year’s message from Prime Minister the Most Hon Edward Seaga, and from Leader of the Opposition Michael Manley, mention stock of 1982, seeing it, on the one hand, as a year of further economic recovery and, on the other, a year of vigilance.

1985: Prime Minister the Most Hon Edward Seaga, in his New Year’s message, states that the year 1985 should begin to see the fruits of the hardship and sacrifice of 1984, provided there is a resolve to produce more. He also adds that the old year presented some of the most severe challenges of independent nationhood: but the people and their institutions had come through without major disruption or dislocation.


1999: Prime Minister P. J. Patterson reports that most key public-sector agencies had given an assurance of being prepared for any eventuality, which may occur as computers mark the date-change from 1999 to the year 2000. This came after a rush on several businesses and financial institutions, as consumers got ready for possible problems associated with the date change.

2003: In his New Year’s message, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson calls for increased momentum of poverty alleviation and social-renewal programmes, improved levels of productivity and more effort to combat crime.

2007: Prime Minister, the Hon Portia Simpson Miller, offers a New Year’s message of transformation to build a nation in battle against poverty, crime and violence, requiring all to come together and commit to national, community and personal success.