February 29: “Landslide Victory For The PNP”

1964: Prime Minister, Sir Alexander Bustamante declares open the Jamaica Telephone Company’s new subscriber trunk-dialling system, planned for the development and modernisation of the telephone network in Jamaica. Shortly after pressing a button transferring the new system to 10,000 subscribers in the Kingston area, Lady Bustamante makes an inaugural call to Montego Bay to Mrs Herbert Eldemire. The telephone used to make the call by Lady Bustamante was presented by Ericsson Telephones Limited.


1968: It is announced by the Jamaica Gazette that the minister of youth and community development has appointed Mr R.D. Gallant, of Discovery Bay, a member of the board of managers of the Armadale Approved School, for the period ending on September 30, 1969.


1972: The People’s National Party wins the general election by a landslide victory of 53 seats over the Jamaica Labour Party’s 34.


1980: Members of the Senate led by Charles Sinclair pay tribute to Mrs Sybil Thompson, late Hansard writer and journalist. Senator Sinclair invited the Senate to note the recent death of one who had served this institution for a long time and who had invaluably contributed to the proper documentation of the proceedings of the House. Mrs Sybil Thompson worked on Hansard for 25 years and served The Gleaner for a similar number of years.

1980: Notice of a bill seeking to abolish flogging and whipping as lawful punishment meted out by the courts of the land is given by Attorney General and Minister of Justice Carl Rattray in the Senate. The bill, titled The Law Reform (Flogging and Whipping) Act, 1979, seeks to abolish flogging and whipping as lawful punishment given under the judicial process and to repeal the provisions of those acts that permit or relate to the flogging and whipping as part of that process.


1980: Sir Peter Ramsbotham, the governor of Bermuda, and Lady Ramsbotham conclude a pleasing and friendly official visit to Jamaica. They arrived in Jamaica on February 25 and were the guests of Their Excellencies Governor General Florizel Glasspole and Lady Glasspole. Sir Peter and Lady Ramsbotham were able to see quite a bit of Jamaica during their five-day stay. They met with the Government and with the Opposition and with a cross section of society, and they saw several of our institutions and the people who work in them.


1984: The head office for Life of Jamaica officially opens in New Kingston. At the opening are R. Danny Williams, founder/director, Adrian Foreman, Patrick Rousseau, chairman of the board of the company, and Mike Fennell, deputy chairman of the board.