February 28: “The Removal Or Extension Of The Palisadoes Airport”

1952: Mr Joseph Leslie Cundallsolicitor general, with the approval of the secretary of state for the colonies, is appointed attorney general of Jamaica; his deputy is Mr Thomas Henry Mayers. An official press release issued from King’s House tells of the promotion. A Jamaican, Mr Cundall, was born in St Andrew.


1952: No final decision is taken by the Government on the removal or extension of the Palisadoes Airport. The Government is considering the possibility of improving the airport or, alternatively, of constructing a new airport elsewhere in the Kingston area, but no final decision can be reached.

1956: The Small Businesses Loans Board, which has been established by the Government to facilitate manufacturers with loans up to a maximum £500, is in operation as of today. The board is under the directions of the Ministry of Trade and Industry but will operate from its own office.

1959: Over 1,000 people attend celebrations in Old Harbour to mark the 75th birthday of Sir Alexander Bustamante. The celebrations is promoted by the Western St Catherine constituency executive under the direction of Mr T.N. Golding and Bustamante Industrial Trade Union followers from many parts of the island.

1963: The Hon Donald Farquharson, a vice-president and administrative manager of Kaiser Bauxite Company, announces the completion of an agreement between Kaiser and the Bahama Cement Company. This may be the first step in the foundation of a new industry which can become of tremendous importance to Jamaica.

1967: West Indies wicket-keeper Jackie Hendricks and sprinter Carmen Smith are Jamaica’s Sportsman and Sportswoman of 1966. They receive their awards from Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell at the Machado Sports Foundation banquet at the Sheraton Kingston Hotel.

1971: Mr Michael Manley is unanimously re-elected president of the People’s National Party at the annual general conference of the party at the National Arena. The four vice-presidents are also re-elected. They are Mr P.J. Patterson, Mr Howard Cooke, Mr Florizel Glasspole and Mr Dudley Thompson.