February 25: “Air Jamaica, The National Airline, Will Start Flying Soon”

1952: With Lester Alcock’s amazing powers of dribbling providing a base for successful counter-attacks, Jamaica defeats the Caribbean All-Stars 2-1 at Sabina Park, to even the football Test series. Nineteen thousands wildly cheering fans witness Jamaica blunt the striking power of the visiting frontline.


1955: A handsome coffee table made of mahoe and bearing the Jamaican Coat of Arms is going to England with Princess Margaret, as a souvenir of her visit to Jamaica. Made in the workshop of the Jamaica Government Railway, the table is placed in the diesel coach in which her Royal Highness rides to Kingston from Kendal.

1959: The first offering of bonds of the Government of Jamaica in the US goes on the public market. The US Government’s Securities and Exchange Commission, approves the offering of two issues totaling $12.5 million. This authorisation is prerequisite to any such offering in the US market.

1962: Evening Institute classes for adults begin at Port Antonio Senior School. So far, over 300 persons have registered. Courses include commerce, general education, technical course, Jamaica intermediate certificate and home economics. The technical course involves technical drawings, metal work and woodwork.

1966: Air Jamaica, the national airline, will start flying soon. Flights to both New York and Miami, the airline’s two outward destinations, will be made on that day. Mr Guillermo Machado, Jamaica manager of British West Indian Airways, is appointed manager of Air Jamaica.


1969: An exhortation to farmers to “wake from their slumber of apathy and exert themselves in the interest of themselves, the community and the country at large” is being made by the Minister of Rural Land Development, the Hon W.G. McLaren. Mr McLaren is addressing farmers of Leichester-field, Clarendon, after he made a tour in the company of the Minister of Education, the Hon. Edwin Alllen.

1976: The “biggest tax programme” ever put to the country, further import restrictions, new wages and price guidelines are to be announced in Parliament to meet the economic crisis facing the nation. Prime Minister Michael Manley gives this preview in a broadcast to the nation, analysing critical developments affecting foreign exchange.

1976: Another breakthrough in the field of education will be made this month when Teachers Book Centre Limited stages the first traveling exhibition of educational books and materials, teaching aids and audio-visual equipment during this month. The announcement is made by the chairman and managing director of TBC, Mr Lemuel Lindo.