December 23: “Deliverance From Sin For All Mankind”

1959: His Excellency the Governor, Sir Kenneth Blackburn, in his Christmas message to the people of Jamaica, refers to the progress made by the island in the attainment of full internal self-government in 1959, and expressed the hope for steady advance in the future based on the traditions of honesty and fair play inherited from the past.

1963: The Government of Jamaica and the Government of Chile, imbued with the desire of strengthening the friendly ties existing between their two countries, have agreed to establish diplomatic and counsular relations, and expressed their preparedness to give effect to this exchange as soon as circumstances permit.

1976: The Reverend Aaron Dumas, president of the Jamaica Fellowship of Independent Baptist Churches, in the address to a Christmas carol service held at The Gleaner Company on Wednesday, said the message that Christ brought was specifically intended for the poor, the needy, the broken-hearted, and is a message “of deliverance from sin for all mankind”.

1982: The consul general of the United States (US) of America, Michael Carpenter, has welcomed the formation of the Jamaica Association of Journalists (JAJ), which was launched at a ceremony in Montego Bay on Saturday, December 18. The US consul general, in a letter to the president of the JAJ, Mr Calvin Brown, said that he was happy to hear of the formation of the
association, and would be looking forward to cooperating with the new association.


1984: Prime Minister Edward Seaga yesterday encouraged the nation to find ways to make the Spanish Town Square reflect the high points of its past, against the backdrop of the overall history of Jamaica. This has to be done, Seaga said, so that visitors who come from other parts of the island or overseas could feel themselves to be in the presence of a rich heritage.

1986: A Jamaica-born educator has been appointed to the Ontario Advisory Council on Woman’s Issues. Premier David Peterson recently appointed Avis Glaze, vice-president of Senator O’Conner College School, and course director of York University’s Faculty of Education, to the council.

1990: The first private sector donation towards the expansion and redevelopment of the Hope Zoo was made by Colgate Palmolive Co (Jamaica) Ltd at the Ministry of Finance Development and Planning.

1992: Commuters in the Corporate Area will notice an increase in the number of buses on several routes. According to a Jampress release, the new buses were placed on the roads yesterday morning, and another 10 will be introduced into the transportation system today.