August 9: “Water-Storage Dam At Mahogany Vale”

1953: Jamaica has been awarded six of 75 scholarships at the Metropolitan Vocational School in Puerto Rico, according to a release by the secretary general of the Caribbean Commission. The successful Jamaicans are Claudius Bryce, carpentry and woodwork; Rueben Davy, construction drafting; Taze Lamb, electricity; Gerald Lew, refrigeration; Henry Moo-Young and Carlton Walker, bakery and pastry.

1957: A two-week Caribbean Festival of Arts to coincide with the opening of the Federal Parliament is being planned by a 35-member organising committee, including Jamaican Noel Vax, who is secretary. The aim is to present the best exhibitions of cultural and art achievements of the West Indies, and ensure the other islands are represented in their various art forms.

1963: Plans are going ahead for a water-storage dam at Mahogany Vale, St Andrew, with a capacity of 10,000 million gallons. The construction of the proposed dam and ancillary works, including the laying of pipelines into the city and the drilling of bore holes along the route, is estimated to take five years.

1968: The prime minster of Jamaica, Hugh Shearer, extends welcome to the delegation of the Commonwealth Caribbean Conference of Finance Ministers at Headquarters House.

1968: Goods from countries in the Caribbean Free Trade Association of which Jamaica is a member, have started to come into the island. A shipment of Trinidadian safety matches arrives here this week by boat from Port-of-Spain. The shipment consists of 2,000 cases of stick matches, said to be of high quality.

1973: Two proposals by the Commission of the European Economic Community (ECC) for the accommodation of Commonwealth sugar in the EEC have been pronounced as unacceptable by Sir Robert Kirkwood, chairman of the Sugar Manufacturers’ Association, as also the West Indies Sugar Associations.

1977: The parliament he served for 23 years pays homage to the memory of Sir Alexander Bustamante in an afternoon debate reflecting sorrow at his passing, tributes to his greatness and anecdotes of his wit and humour. In addition, the Newport waterfront complex is to be renamed the Bustamante Port in memory of the early labour activity of the national hero on the Kingston Waterfront.

1977: Jamaica is likely to get financial aid to the tune of $60 million from the United States, according to a news report appearing in the Miami Herald.