August 7: “Jean James Wins Grace Food Festival Competition”

1942: E.L. Allen, a schoolteacher from Leicesterfield, Clarendon, takes the Reverend H. Hughes, assistant director of education, to task on the subject of vocational education as the scheme concerns girls. Allen tells him bluntly that he will not take the responsibility of advising any parent to send his or her daughter to the Carron Hall Vocational School for Girls under the present policy being pursued by the school. He tells Hughes that he supports the boys’ vocational school at Knockalva. However, Carron Hall invariably turns out disappointed students as the training there does not fit them for occupations they are led to believe will be at their disposal – and which will provide them with a “respectable living”. He points out the equipment with which they leave the school enables them to earn no more than 10-15 shillings per week and until the curriculum and policy in regard to Carron Hall is revised, it will continue to earn his objection.


1959: Premier Norman Manley announces that Jamaica’s new Cabinet will be appointed next weekend and will hold its first meeting on Monday, August 24. The new House of Representatives and Legislative Council elected and appointed under the island’s new Constitution will begin the new sessions on August 26. Norman Manley’s naming the new Cabinet will be almost simultaneous with the naming of the Legislative Council.


1960: All 16 trophies are captured by the Puerto Seco Beach Club at the closing day of the fifth annual Water Ski Championships run-off at Discovery Bay in St Ann, making the club champions for the second consecutive year. Aqua Ski Club comes second and Montego Bay third. Ski honours go to Puerto Seco’s Dan Rhoades who has a total of 2,689 points.


1966: It was a sensational climax to the second day of the Eighth British Empire and Commonwealth Games at the National Stadium when an unknown Kenyan Maspali Temu wins a blistering six-mile race, finishing 100 yards ahead of Australia’s record-breaking six-miler Ron Clarke, as a frenzied 20,000 spectators throw their hats in the air with delight.

1973: Winners in the Grace Food Festival Competition: Jean James wins $2,500 grand prize; Special Independence prize – E. Hutchinson, $1,000; second prize – Sandra Gordon, $600; third prize.