August 30: “Fire Partly Destroys The Abbey Court Hotel”

1950: Because necessary improvements will have to be made to the already- completed buildings at Majesty Pen, squatters on the Kingston Pen property who should be transferred immediately will remain at Kingston Pen a while longer.

1953: A General review of the finances of Parochial Boards in relation to grants from Central Government is soon to be undertaken. This decision of Central Government is revealed by Chief Minister WA, Mr Bustamante to the Association of Parochial Boards at its annual conference held at Headquarters House.

1953: A large towing vehicle, used by the military at Up Park Camp for repairing half-tracks and other heavy vehicles, is now going around the island collecting old cannon for the restoration work now being carried out at Fort Charles, Port Royal.

1957: The acting governor, the Hon John Stow, sends a cable of congratulations to the high commissioner of the Federation of Malaya, Sir Donald MacGillivray, on the occasion of the attainment of independence by Malaya.

1962: The minister of labour decides to set up a committee to study the basis on which a Fair Labour Practices Code for Jamaica can be established. With that purpose, the minister, Lyndon Newland, MP, invites representatives of multiple organisations to a meeting at the ministry on September 25 at 10 a.m.

1965: Fire partly destroys the Abbey Court Hotel at 46 Trafalgar Road. Pieces of furniture and some personal belongings of the 12 guests at the hotel are saved, but damages are estimated at several thousand pounds. The hotel is partly insured.

1971: The first permanent Community Educational Training Centre in Jamaica is to be established by Government at the New Milne House, near Copse in Hanover. The commissioner of lands, on behalf of the Ministry of Rural Land Development, will hand over the document of acquisition of the house to the minister of youth and community development, Allan Douglas by the commissioner of lands, on behalf of the minister of Rural Land Development, on September 10 at 10 am.

1976:The security force admits that a raid was made on the Rectory of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Montego Bay, but denies a raid on the Cathedral itself. The Gleaner’s Western Bureau and other sources report that some 21 members of the security forces arrived on the premises that house the rectory and the Cathedral and began a search of the rectory.