August 19: “Tercentenary Celebrations Of The British Occupation Of Jamaica”

1938: Thousands of Jamaicans welcome and cheer His Excellency Sir Arthur Richards, as he lands at the Victoria Market Pier with Lady Richards and passes through commercial Kingston on his way to take the Oaths of Office as captain general and governor in chief in and over the island of Jamaica and its dependencies.

1938: Kingston Cricket Club continues to serve up a fine programme of sporting events unrivalled in the history of Jamaica in connection with their Jubilee Celebrations, as following three football matches and one cricket match, the second colony match between Jamaica and Oxford and Cambridge will open at Sabina Park

1946: The Master Printers & Allied Traders’ Association discusses matters of vital interest to the printing trade at their second annual general meeting, and furthers their consideration of certain phases during and after an enjoyable luncheon at the Myrtle Bank Hotel.

1951: His Excellency the Governor will launch in The Gleaner, an appeal for public subscriptions to a Hurricane Relief and Rehabilitation Fund through which poor people who have been distressed by the hurricane will be assisted with food and helped in replacing their lost belongings and re-housing themselves.

1954: A literacy campaign is being launched by the Ministry of Education in connection with the tercentenary celebrations of the British occupation of Jamaica. A committee is being set up by the Ministry of Education to make recommendations in connection with the celebrations.

1958: The West Indies team which is to tour India and Pakistan later this year, will include five professionals. Collie Smith, Garfield Sobers and Conrad Hunte, who had earlier stated that the terms set out by the West Indies Cricket Board of Control are not acceptable, and withdrew from the team, have now reconsidered their decision and notified the board of their willingness to go.

1963: Clement Tavares, minister of housing, announces that, as a result of representations made by John P. Gyles, minister of agriculture and lands and member of parliament for North East, St Catherine, Government has decided to include in the National Housing Programme for this financial year, the establishment of two low-income Housing schemes in that constituency.

1966: Tom Graveney, who has scored more runs and centuries than any other English cricketer still in the game, comes to England’s rescue against the West Indies on the second day of the Fifth Test and scores a masterly century. At the close of play he was 132-not out.