August 17: “Flood Rains Have Damaged The Water Mains”

1933: There is now a water shortage in lower St Andrew, and it is likely to extend to Kingston. The flood rains have damaged the water mains in the Constant Spring area and the gutters conveying the water from the Hope River to the head works have again been damaged.

1938: While thousands of workers cheer in approval, Mr Alexander Bustamante, at the No. 1 Railway Pier, discharges St William Grant from his post with the Bustamante Union, adding “out of mercy” that Grant be paid two-thirds of his salary for three months. The meeting proves a triumph for the Bustamante Union.

1948: Doric Hotel, Constant Spring, changes hands for the second time in four months. The new owner is Harold Nelson, a native of Liverpool, who flew in a week ago from Great Britain. The sale price is £9,000. The Doric was transferred from the former owners to Williams Beaney in May of this year.

1948: The present congestion at the Bath Mineral Fountain in St Thomas is commented on by Mr I.W.A. Barrant, MHR for the eastern constituency, in a talk with a Gleaner reporter. He commented that he noticed at present that accommodation for the numerous patrons of the bath is totally inadequate.

1954: Four new Government elementary schools are to be constructed in the Corporate Area. They will be completed and ready for occupation in January or February next year. The schools will be erected on the Tower Hill Maverley and Rennock Lodge housing estates. Another school which, will be known as the Vauxhall School, will also be erected on Windward Road.

1958: Dr Eric Williams, Trinidad’s chief minister, discloses at his weekly press conference that he strongly opposes the Jamaican Government’s proposal to have a refinery set up in Jamaica to process crude petroleum.

1964: Jamaica is elected for the first time to membership of a permanent commission of the United Nations. Information reaching the island states that the country has been elected to membership of the United Nations Permanent Commission on Human Rights for a three-year term beginning January 1, 1965.

1964: Belmont, Bluefields and Cave in Westmoreland will have an electricity supply by October of this year. The Electricity Authority, which operates the electricity system in that parish, is now extending its power lines from Ferris Cross, near Savanna-la-Mar, to Belmont.