August 16: “Crisis After Crises”

1963: Mass Child Immunisation campaign will go to Clarendon for a week. This was announced yesterday at the cocktail party held by the director and staff of the campaign for all those who assisted in the project.

1966: The People’s National Party issues a statement condemning the appointment of Mr Rupert Arscott, former commissioner of Portland, to act as secretary of the new Portland Parish Council.

1966: Final plans for the development of the twin townships of Portmore and Passagefort, involving the development of 2,200 acres of land in southeast St Catherine and the construction of 30,000 homes have been completed and are now under government study.

1970: A contingent of 2,000 cases containing 120,000 lb of Negro yams is dispatched by the Agricultural Marketing Corporation for the United States. Manager, Ishmael Robertson said that the American market for Jamaican yams is a growing one.

1974: A fire broke out on the compound of the government’s Medical Stores, Marcus Garvey Drive, leaving damage estimated at more than $20,000 before a unit of the Kingston Fire Brigade from York Park brings the flames under control. A salesman for the store reports to The Gleaner, no drug was affected in the blaze but slight damage was done to the building housing the stores.

1978: A full inquiry by an independent authority such as the collector general into the Arguanabo fabric deal is being requested by the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association. The president Winston Mahfood, makes the call a part of his report to the monthly meeting of the association at the Duke Street headquarters in Kingston.

1984: The president of the People’s National Party, Michael Manley, in analysing Jamaica’s political situation, said the country will have recurrence of economic “crisis after crises” until Jamaicans realise no one political party or policy can provide the answer to the nation’s problems.

1989: Pacific Motors Limited puts on a Nissan car show at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston. Uni-Motors staged what was said to be a successful show at the Wyndham hotel. A large group of car lovers will turn out to get a look at the 1989 models.