August 13: “A Five Point-Plan To Stimulate Industrial Production”

1943: Jamaica has yet another line of communication with Miami in the new regular weekly service that Royal Dutch Airlines is instituting on August 17. Modern Lockheed aircraft will be making regular runs northbound every Tuesday to Miami, and returning every Wednesday.

1948: Government is giving consideration to a proposal by the council of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation that the allowance for wife and children under the Income Tax Law should be increased.

1948: Phyllis Woolford, 26-year-old British Guianese, who holds the title of ‘Miss British Caribbean, 1948’ as a result of winning the annual contest organised by the Jamaica magazine Caribbean Post, arrives in Jamaica by plane from Georgetown.

1954: Two food-extract producers, one in the United Kingdom, the other in the United States, seek to establish operations in Jamaica to obtain from bananas an additive for baby food. The Gleaner understands that, in the case of the British company, efforts were first made by them to obtain sufficient bananas for their purpose from the rejects of shipments arriving in Britain.

1957: The West Indies meets with surprisingly stubborn resistance before beating Lancashire by nine wickets there. Lancashire resumes with 31 runs behind, with five wickets standing and added 120 in 110 minutes, leaving the West Indies to score 90 to win.

1963: An invitation to the sugar industries of all Caribbean countries to combine their various research activities into one unified effort, is made by Dr Francisco Silva, chairman of the Sugar Board of Puerto Rico, at the University of the West Indies.

1970: Jamaica has again been selected as the site of the field trip for the annual 11-week Agricultural Projects Course of the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, to be held from August 20-29 this year, according to a release from the Government’s Agricultural Planning Unit.

1975: A five point-plan to stimulate industrial production and expansion in Jamaica is being drawn up by the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association and presented to the Government, as part of a new drive by the association to get the Jamaican economy moving again.

1981: On-shore Oil Exploration will commence in Jamaica in the first week of November. Prime Minster Edward Seaga announces this. Seaga, who returns home from London where he stopped on his way from the United Nations Conference on new and renewable sources of energy in Nairobi Kenya, announced this at a press conference at Jamaica House.