April 8: “A Spirit Of Goodwill And Confidence”

1952: Storage in the Hermitage Dam, which controls water supplies for the Corporate Area, is 206 million gallons, representing a drop of three million gallons from the previous day’s recording. This means that the water in the dam has fallen below the halfway mark to the extent of about 24 million gallons. If the drought is not relieved the downward trend will continue. The pumps at all the wells controlled by the Water Commission are stated to have been helping maintain supplies.


1956: Approximately 50,000 boxes of Valencia oranges have been held back by growers from the export season just concluded in order to supply the domestic market during the spring and in the early summer, according to estimates made by the Citrus Growers Association. The held-over fruit is now hanging on trees in groves all over the island and is being sold to local fruit dealers as required. The reason is that the local demand for citrus has expanded considerably and growers have discovered that fruit sold in this direction and at the right time can fetch far more attractive prices than if sold for export.


1960: The strike at Palisadoes Airport of 30 porters and maintenance men employed to British West Indian Airways (BWIA) ends and work resumes. The men struck because the company had not implemented certain arrangements for back pay, the workers claimed. The National Workers Union said that an under-taking was given by BWIA that all pay would be completed by April 14.


1964: In a statement issued to The Gleaner, the minister of education reports that help is being sent immediately to the parents and guardians of some free-place pupils in secondary schools, whose straitened circumstances qualify them for special assistance. The statement declares that a review of the scheme has been made necessary by certain abuses, which have been brought to the attention of the ministry. Following reports sent to The Gleaner and published, a representative sought information from the minister on the matter without success.


1969: The newly elected Council of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) begin the business of running the city amid charges by Jamaica Labour Party councillors of “political discrimination”, and People’s National Party councillors insisting on the right of the majority to govern and simultaneously denying the discrimination charges. Today is a full day of political activity as the councillors give indication that the new KSAC Council is likely to become a new political arena with sharp partisan divisions.


1977: A call for an end to “divisive rhetoric” and the introduction of “a spirit of goodwill and confidence” into the affairs of the country has been made by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica in a public statement. “The reasons for the present condition of our country are many and any attempt to lay all the problems at the door of the private sector is not only untruthful but dishonest,” the statement said.