April 6: “The Middle Class Has Credited £10-million Worth Of Goods In 1960”

1948: Geological formations in some parts of the island indicate that mineral oil might be found here. This view is expressed by a distinguished geologist in a Gleaner interview. Dr C.T. Trechmann, long-time frequent visitor to Jamaica (since 1909) and most recently here since July last year, said the rock formations he had seen strongly suggested the presence of oil.


1952: Donald Sangster, M.H.R, minister for social welfare, returns to the island after a meeting of the BWI Regional Economic Committee in Barbados. Sangster, who traveled by KLM plane, is accompanied by John Clegg, economic adviser to the Government, and Dudley Levy of the Chamber of Commerce, his advisers. Sangster said that the meeting of the committee had been a most successful one and that it was obvious that the committee
was now settling down to play an important role in the economic and financial arrangements of the British colonies in the region.


1960: Bitter accusations that some farmers’ leaders within the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), in full possession of the true facts, are nevertheless, misrepresenting the Government’s agricultural policy and programme to farmers, highlighted at the April meeting of the JAS board of management. The charges are led by Keble Munn, minister of agriculture, who visited the meeting especially for this purpose.


1961: “The middle class has credited £10-million worth of goods in 1960 and they now have to pay for it,” Willis O. Isaacs, minister of trade and industry, says at a meeting of the Furniture and Appliance Dealers’ Association at the South Camp Road Hotel. The minister added that this high spending greatly concerned theGovernment and they were wondering whether it was good for the country or not.


1964: The body of an 18-year-old freelance mechanic, Desmond Ennis, of 20 Arundel Street, is discovered on the bottom of the pool at the Bournmouth Baths by a youngster who was diving in the pool. The body was taken from the pool and artificial respiration applied, without success. Several bathers who were in the pool at the time reported that they did not see anyone in difficulty or hear any cries for help.


1968: Amid resounding cheers of “Fortis cadere, cedere non potest” – the brave may fall but never yield – Kingston College marches home to their 14th winning of the Inter-Secondary School Boys’ Athletic Championship crown at the National Stadium. The North Street Giants’ historic triumph makes them the first school in the long history of the championship to attain this feat for the seventh year in succession. An estimated crowd of more than 9,000 spectators cheered the ‘purple-and-white boys’ as they circled the track in their victory parade.