April 24: “Apollo 16 Astronauts Rocket Out Of Lunar Orbit”

1972: Apollo 16 astronauts rocket out of lunar orbit aboard their command ship, Casper, and starts the 66-hour, 240,000-mile voyage home with a record cargo of rocks.


1972: Hundreds of persons turn up at Labour and Employment, East Street; the Prime Minister’s Office, East Race Course; the Kingston Corporation offices, Church Street; and the Sandy Gully Drainage Scheme office, Headley Road, to seek work in the Government’s Crash Employment Programme.

1974: The Police Recruiting Centre posts the following advertisement: Join the police force and start a career. You join at age 18, at a starting salary of $44 weekly. By the time you’re 24, and if you work hard through our Accelerated Promotion Programme, you could graduate to an Inspector at a salary of $5,820 per year.

1975: A committee made up of sugar-industry interests, concerned with the establishment of sugar workers co-operatives, is set up to examine the development feasibilities of such co-operatives on lands owned and controlled by the Frome/Monymusk Land Company.

1976: Air Jamaica is contemplating the curtailment of certain of its operations, including a cutback of certain flights on a number of its routes in an effort to streamline the company and make it financially viable again. In an address to the staff Mr. G. Arthur Brown, chair of the airline, said it was vital for Air Jamaica’s future for all the airline’s employees to be fully motivated and dedicated

1980: Agro-Industries (Ja) Limited in Bog Walk, producer of sausage and pork products for the local and export market, made redundant 51 of its 80 workers and may be forced to close shortly because of a lack of raw materials.

1980: The British Joint Matriculation Board, which serves several leading universities in Britain, indicates to the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) that it will accept the CXC general proficiency certificate grades 1 and 2 as equivalent to GCE ordinary level grades A, B and C.

1988: Alcan’s George Powell captures the Downtown Kingston Restoration 10k Road Race in a time of 36 minutes 41 seconds. The event was run through the streets of downtown Kingston and ended at the Nethersole statue, Bank of Jamaica

1992: Over 40 delegates from 20 Inter-American countries attend the Public Services International (PSI) women seminar at the Wyndam Rose Hall Hotel. In welcoming the delegates, general secretary of the PSI, Ms Hans Enegelberta, says the organisation has a very important role to play in achieving the rights of people across the world, but this cannot be done without the full integration of women