April 22

1928: Master Jimmy Feres is the first-prize winner for boys at the Wolmer’s Bazaar. Jimmy is the son of Mr and Mrs Fred D. Feres.

1935: A meeting for the purpose of advocating the protection of native industries against monopoly is held at the corner of East and Laws streets. Mr A. A. Mends – presides, and speakers include Messrs D. W. McCartney, L. P. Waison and Joseph Kennedy.

1940: The Postmaster General announces an important improvement of postal services for the western end of the island. The new services which commence on the 29th of this month will greatly facilitate intercommunication in the principal towns of the west end of the island, putting Sav-la-mar, Lucea and Montego Bay within quicker reach of each other by post.


1951: Baby Bruce Williams, 11-lb son of Mr and Mrs Bert Williams of Montego Bay is christened at the St James parish church. His father is the manager of the Bryden and Evelyn branch in Montego Bay. His mother, the former Miss Marjorie Fowler, was a staff member of the Royal Bank of Canada, Montego Bay

1955:  Mr R.D.C Henriques Snr, one of the founders and a director of Henriques Brothers, dies at his residence on Dewsbury Avenue. Mr. Henriques was an outstanding architect. He designed and built the Ward Theatre, which was donated to the city by the late Custos of Kingston and was also responsible for the interior decorations at the building at the Masonic Temple on Hanover Street, which won for him international praises.

1957: Dr Raymond Charles Barker, president of the International Association of Religious Science churches and minister of a New York First Church of Religious Science, arrives by KLM airliner from Miami to give a series of
lectures and to ordain the Rev Jack and the Rev Susan Lewis.

1961: Mr. Norman Manley Premier of Jamaica at a press conference in the United States says that Cuban Premier Fidel Castro is no pushover, and he thinks the timing of the anti-Castro landing was “all wrong”.


1967: Jamaica lead 2-1 against Trinidad in the Brandon Trophy final at the Tranquility Clay Courts in Trinidad and look set to retain the trophy when the reverse singles are played tomorrow.

1974: A rumbling early-morning explosion brought down a wall of a 26-storey commercial building and shook hundreds of residents out of their sleep on Manhattan’s East Side, not far from the United Nations.