April 19: “A Tissue Of Lies”

1953: The Government will shortly announce plans for the construction of the new full-length runway for Palisadoes Airport, Kingston, and provision will be made in this year’s estimates for converting the Montego Bay Airport into a 24-hour service. As Alexander Bustamante states on behalf of the Government, executive council is proceeding with its proposals for the construction of a new airstrip at Palisadoes on a new alignment which has been selected.

1955: Declaring that he accepted the case for the prosecution and that the defence was “a tissue of lies”, Victor L. Scott finds Rose Leon, member, House of Representatives, for Western St Andrew and former minister of health and housing, guilty on the two informations for breaches of the Representation of the People Law as the case against her ends in the Clarendon Magistrate’s Court at May Pen. He imposes a fine of £30 or four months on the first information and admonished and discharged her on the second.


1958: Forty-five artistes, last of the group of 90 who will represent Jamaica at the West Indies Festival of Arts, opening in Port of Spain on April 24, leave the island in a BWIA Viscount airliner for Trinidad. The group, led by Greta Bourke, consisted mainly of the cast of the folk musical The Bluebeard Show, which she will direct. The first group of 45 entertainers, consisting of the Ivy Baxter Dance Company, the Frats Quintet and Mapletoft, left earlier this week.

1961: A young, crop-spraying pilot is killed near Richmond, St Mary, as he is crushed in the wreckage of his smashed aircraft in the boulder-strewn gorge of a river. But as rescuers struggle to free him from the splintered cockpit, the dying pilot, Morris Reid, 22, of 35 Dewsbury Avenue, Barbican, found breath to gasp a warning against striking matches at the crash scene for fear of a petrol fire.

1966: Arrangements are being made for a renewed search for oil in Jamaica. This is announced in the House of Representatives by Minister of Trade and Industry Robert Lightbourne. Lightbourne, who was set as second government speaker in the continued debate on the 1966-67 Budget, would not give details of the arrangement.

1975: A Venezuelan investment totaling $114 million and additional bauxite revenue of $15 million annually are the major achievements of the economic mission led by Prime Minister Michael Manley, which returns to the island from the South American nation. Venezuela has also agreed to purchase from Jamaica 400,000 tons of bauxite annually for the first three years, rising to 500,000 tons in the next seven years after that. In addition, they have entered into a 10-year contract to buy 200,000 tons of alumina annually for a smelting facility they are developing.