April 17: “First Look Into Themselves And See To It That They Are Spiritually Prepared”

1940: C.E. Hamshere, B.A., master on the staff of Munro College, has been appointed a master at Queens College, George Town, British Guiana, and will take up duties in that colony later this year.


1946: Bubbling over with enthusiasm and declaring they are going to the ‘great republic’ with a view to “bettering their position”, the initial batch of agricultural workers recruited in the island for 1946, embark in the steamship Marine Marlin for the United States.

1950: Jamaica has an adverse balance of about £7.5 million in import-export trade during the past calendar year, 1949. The value of imports into the island during the year amounts to £13,215,746, compared with domestic exports for the same period, valued at £11,712,330. This gross adverse trade balance does not, however, take into account invisible exports such as remittances from farm workers in the United States of America, and revenue from the tourist trade.

1959: A West Indian Agricultural Society, to comprise primary producing organisations in all the territories of the West Indies Federation, has been agreed upon, in principle, between leaders of the Jamaica Agricultural Society and the Trinidad and Tobago Agricultural Society. A definite move to set up the federal farm body is to be made in autumn this year when a conference is to be held between representatives of the various primary producing bodies.

1985: The pay dispute in the sugar industry has been settled at the Ministry of Labour with an agreement on a 15 per cent pay rise retroactive to January 1, as well as a five per cent crop bonus. They also agree on the resumption of work at Worthy Park, the only estate still hit by a strike over pay and working conditions.

1990: Reverend Neville Desouza, Anglican bishop of Jamaica, tells a packed congregation at the Anglican synod, held at the Spanish Town Cathedral, that if Christians wish to address the moral problems of the times effectively, they should first look into themselves and see to it that they are spiritually prepared to undertake such a task.

1997: National striker Onandi Lowe is slapped with a four-year suspension from all competitions by the disciplinary committee of the Jamaica FootballFederation (JFF). The JFF action come after Lowe allegedly walked off the field in a Jamaica CONCACAF World Cup qualifying game against Mexico at the Azteca Stadium on Sunday, April 13, at which the island lost 6-0.