April 12: “Very Successful In Many Ways”

1949: The announcement of new regulations for the Cambridge Local Examinations, published by the Cambridge Local Examinations Committee, creates considerable stir in educational circles. The announcement was as described in The Gleaner was incorrect when it stated that “unless private secondary schools can submit no less than 30 candidates per annum, and gain not less than one-third passes, they will be excluded from participation in the Cambridge Local Examinations”. If they fail to satisfy these conditions, they will be known as “Unlisted Schools” and candidates presented by them will be accepted as “private candidates”.


1953: The Governor announces that immediately, a public inquiry will be ordered into the fatal Palisadoes air accident. This inquiry will be made under the Air Navigation Regulations recently proclaimed in accordance with the Air Navigation Act of Great Britain. Under the regulations, the chairman is required to be a person of legal training, assisted by persons with technical knowledge.

1955: Terms of reference of an arbitration tribunal in respect of the dispute between the Sugar Manufacturers Association and the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU), the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the National Workers Union (NWU) are announced after a conference held at the Labour Department. In attendance are representatives of the four groups and Mr. P. W. C. Burke, acting deputy labour adviser, who presides over the meeting.

1957: Miss Mavis Evans, a Hanover dressmaker who was recently refused a passport on the ground that she was a “security risk”, has now been granted her passport by the immigration authorities. Miss Evans was believed to have been associated with Communist Organisations both here and abroad. Miss Alyss Kong, a typist who has been reportedly admitted doing typing for the People’s Freedom Movement, is still being refused a passport on the ground that the PFM is Communist-tinged.

1962: The Jamaica Union of Teachers expresses dissatisfaction over the delay of the Ministry of Education in dealing with a memorandum submitted to the ministry on December 5 of last year, seeking wage increases and improved working conditions for primary school teachers. In a statement from the president, Mr U. C. Wolfe, the association said that no mention was made of teachers when categories of workers to get increases were announced in the House of Representatives last week.

1965: Jamaica’s Delegation to the Third Conference of the Commonwealth Caribbean countries, led by the Hon. Donald Sangster, acting prime minister, return to the island by KLM from British Guiana, venue of the conference. Mr Sangster, on arrival at the Palisadoes Airport, (where the delegation was given an official welcome), said the West Indian Summit Conference had been “very successful in many ways”.